Creating Recurring Sales Invoices

Setting up a repeating Sales Invoice for subsequent and continued re-use.

Written By Grainne Reidy (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 2nd, 2023


Recurring Invoices can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. They are generally used to prepare a repeating Sales Invoice for items such as Services, Maintenance, or frequent Delivery.

Usually, Recurring Invoices will be for the same amount and type of items, but you can change many of the details at Invoice generation stage, if necessary.


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Setting up a Recurring Sales Invoice

Step One: Complete the Item Invoice

  1. Go to Sales > Item InvoicesNew Item Invoice.

  2. Tick Save as Recurring Invo. Select a Start Date. The Invoice will recur based on this date. Complete the other details as for a standard Sales Item Invoice‍ .
  3. To post the first Invoice now, click Save and Post & Print. This will also create a Recurring Invoice template. Alternatively, just click Save if you want to make changes and generate it later.

Step Two: Setting up the Recurrence

  1. On clicking Save, the System Recurring Transaction screen will open. Note the following:
    1. Name: Provide further detail for identification purposes.
    2. Account: The Customer Name appears here.
    3. Frequency: Enter the Frequency of Invoice generation. If you select the Weekly Frequency option, then you must also provide the Day of the Week on which the forward Invoices are to occur.  
    4. Start Date: For non-weekly frequencies, Invoices will recur on the anniversary of the Start Date
    5. End Date: If the Invoice is for a limited time, such as if a SaaS Contract will expire, then you should enter an End Date either on or shortly after the date the last Recurring Invoice is due.
    6. Copy line details from the previous invoice: If you made changes in the previous Invoice that you want to carry forward, tick this.
    7. Refresh List: Click to view a listing of the forward transactions for the next two or for the Start and End Dates selected. Recurring Invoices in green are past the Invoice date, allowing you to generate and post them. Invoices in yellow are the next scheduled for recurrence. 

  2.  Generate as many forward transactions as you wish by ticking the relevant entries in the Generate column. 
  3. Click Process.

Recurring Invoice grid

Alternatively, you can click Generate in the Recurring Invoice Grid. Clicking Generate here will produce an Invoice for the date listed in the Next Due Date column. 

You can access the System Recurring Transaction Setting screen by clicking the Recurring Invoice Name code in the Name column.

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Posting the Recurring Invoice from the grid

The generated Invoices are in the same state as newly prepared Invoices. They must be posted to update the General Ledger and remain to be printed and/or emailed to the Customer. 

  1. Filter the Due? column so only Recurring Invoices that are due are visible.
  2. In the Post column, tick all relevant Recurring Invoices.
  3. Click Post Selected.

Recurring Invoice Notifications

You can view notifications in the top right of the window. The Recurring icon will notify you of Recurring Invoices that may be due for processing. Clicking the icon will open the Recurring Invoices grid.

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Cancelling and Discontinuing Recurring Invoices

Go to Sales > Recurring and find the relevant Invoice. Click on the Invoice code under the Name column to open the System Recurring Transactions Setting.

Cancelling a Recurring Invoice

  1. Cancel one or more Recurring Invoices by clicking on the icon in the Cancel column against the relevant Invoice.

  2. In the screen that appears, enter a reason for the cancellation and click Update if you wish to proceed, or else Cancel.

Discontinuing a Recurring Invoice

  1. To discontinue a Recurring Invoice, untick Active.
  2. Click Process. You will no longer be able to generate Invoices from the Actions dropdown in the Recurring Invoice grid or within that System Recurring Transactions Setting screen. However, this will not affect any saved or posted Recurring Invoices.


Editing Recurring Invoice Details

You can edit a Recurring Invoice when it is:

  • In a Processed state.
  • In a Pro forma state. 
  • Does not have a posted status.
  1. Go to Sales > Recurring and find the relevant Invoice. 
  2. Click on the Invoice code under the Name column to open the System Recurring Transactions Setting.
  3. Click the relevant Int No. to open the Sales Item Invoice screen.

  4. Edit the details as necessary. If you ticked Copy Line details from the previous invoice, then future generated invoices will have the edited details.