How do I Add Documents and Notes to Transactions and Master Records?

Attach Notes and or Images to Master Records and Transactions.

Written By Grainne Reidy (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 16th, 2023


For review purposes, you can attach multiple scanned documents and memos to all master records and transactions. Examples of attachments include:

  • Bank statements
  • Emails
  • Handwritten expenses claim forms
  • Letters
  • Original Invoices
  • Photos
  • Receipts
  • Timesheets
  • Voice mails


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Attaching documents to Transactions or Master Records 

Uploading documents

  1. Click Attach Document in any transaction or master record to open the Document Manager.

  2. Click Browse to navigate to the location of the document on your Desktop.
  3. Click Upload file to copy the file from your Desktop and upload it to the Cloud, where it can subsequently be viewed or printed.

  4. When the file has been uploaded, it will appear under Remote Documents. Click Close or continue uploading further documents.

Viewing attached documents

  1. Open the transaction or master record with the attached document.
  2. The number of attached documents will appear next to Attach Documents. Click to view the documents in the Document Manager.

  3. Select the document you want to open, save, print, or email.

Managing documents

Right-click on any of the documents to open, download, delete, or rename them.

To add comments:

  1. Highlight the relevant document. Its details will automatically display.
  2. Add comments, as necessary.

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Adding Notes to Transactions

You can add notes to quotes, orders, and invoices from their respective listing screens. 

  1. Against the relevant transaction, click the icon in the Notes column.

  2. In the Notes screen, click Add New Note

  3. Complete the note and click Save.

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Viewing Saved Notes

In the relevant listing grid, hover on the icon in the Notes column. This will display the most recently added note:

To view all notes, or to add a further note, click the icon: