How Do I Create User Customised Fields on Master Records?

Adding and validating your own fields on Supplier and Customer Master Records.

Written By Grainne Reidy (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 14th, 2023


You can add your own Custom designed fields in both the Customer and Supplier (Vendor) Master Records use throughout the entire system.




You will need Administration Privileges to perform this task. 


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New Custom Field

  1. Go to Sales > Customers.
  2. Open the relevant Customer Account by clicking the Code. Go to the Custom Fields tab. In this example, we are going to add a Field called Billing Frequency to all our Customer Records. We will then add a second field called Customer Grading.

  3. Click New Custom Field and fill in the required details. 
    • Field Name: Add the relevant title.
    • Data Type: This can be either Text, Number or Date depending on what you want the system to validate. 
    • Is a Fixed List? Tick this if you want a dropdown with fixed values. If you do not tick this box, then, the data can be any text, number, or date, depending on the Data Type chosen. 
  4. Click Add, followed by Save. You can add more Custom fields now or later.


Manage Custom Fields

  1. Go to Sales > Customers.
  2. Open the relevant Customer Account by clicking the Code. 
  3. Using Manage Custom Fields, you can add or remove values in the dropdown. Enter the appropriate values and click Save

  4. You can now also add these new fields to any of the grid. In the relevant grid, click Add/Remove Columns. Drag the field you want from the left-hand column and place it in the relevant position in the right-hand column. Thereafter, it becomes available for filtering, sorting, and reporting in that grid.