How do I Use the Bank Statement Scanning Facility (AutoRec)?

Importing Bank Statements by scanning the Printed Statements for subsequent Transaction Matching.

Written By Gerry Mckeown ()

Updated at October 3rd, 2018

1.     Introduction:

If you don't wish to use, or don't have access to, an On-Line Bank or Credit Card Export facility for the production of electronic files of Statement Transactions, you can, instead, scan your physical paper based Bank or Credit Card Statements and then, using the facilities of “AutoRec”, prepare the scanned Statement for output as an electronic file which can then be imported into the Bank Reconciliation process.

This Article explains the mechanism by which such a scanned Statement can be converted into an acceptable Import file.  An accompanying Article entitled “How do I Use the Bank Import Facility to assist with my Bank Reconciliation?” describes the mechanism and use of such imported files in the system.  It is recommended that you invoke these facilities as frequently as possible in order to match and reconcile as many transactions (from the Bank’s view of your Account with that of your System’s transaction view) in order to clear up any discrepancies between the two as close as possible to the occurrence of any miss-matches.

When you first present a Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement, AutoRec will recognise that this is a new, not previously encountered, Statement.  The system will then examine and configure the layout for the first time and then “remember” these details for subsequent processing of these statement types in the future.  This initial examination and configuration will, of necessity, take some time – perhaps several hours before it appears in the Bank statements “Inbox”. 

2.     Log into AutoRec and Upload your Scanned Paper Statement:

Begin by scanning your single, or multi-page Statement and save it to a memorable location on your Desktop.  Next, Login to AutoRec which will have been made available to you by your system provider on request.  Click on your Company Name which will then result in the following Window being presented;

Next Click on the “Upload” button which will bring up the following Window;

Click on “Select Bank Statements” and then browse to the location on your Desktop where you had previously saved your scanned Statement and “Open” it.

When you receive the message highlighted above, close this Window.  If you click on the “Inbox” you may encounter the following message;

If so, you should log out of the system and await the appearance of the uploaded statement in your Inbox.  (The “Sign Out” button is located in the top right hand corner of your Window). When you logged into the AutoRec system, you provided your email address as the “Username”.  This email address is now used by AutoRec to send you an email as to when the uploaded Statement is ready for further processing.  On receipt you should now Log back into AutoRec in order to further process the transaction.

3.     Download the Import File:

Once again click on your Company Name to bring up the following Window:

Next Click on the “Inbox” which will bring up the next Window;

The “View” button (Red Circle) will allow you to examine the contents of the file.  The “Rubbish Bin” button (Green Circle) will allow you to delete this file when you no longer need it.

Next Click on the “Download” button, highlighted in Blue;

And choose the “AccountsIQ” option.

And “Save” the resulting file to a convenient memorable location on your Desktop where it can subsequently be located by the Bank Reconciliation Import facility as documented in the Article “How do I use the Bank Import Facility to assist with my Bank Reconciliation?”.