I have forgotten my Password / am having trouble resetting my password

Written By Niall Conlon (Draft Writer)

Updated at May 11th, 2022

Query / Problem

I have forgotten my password

I have difficulty logging in 


Note - Please check & ensure you are logging in from the correct login page. If you are trying to login to one you are not setup on you'll be unable to login and you will not receive an email.

UK - https://uk1.accountsiq.com/system/menu/index.asp

EU1 - https://eu1.accountsiq.com/system/menu/index.asp

EU2 - https://eu2.accountsiq.com/system/menu/index.asp

US - https://us1.accountsiq.com/system/menu/index.asp

1. From the Login page click the Forgotten your password link under the blue LOGIN Button

2. Enter your CompanyID, username and email address an click REST PASSWORD button

3. You will receive an email to the email address you filled in above and this email will contain a hyperlink which you click on.

Note - If the email does not come into your inbox please check your Junk / Spam folder.

5. This brings you to the password reset screen where you enter your new password. 

6. Please note passwords must be of minimum 8 characters in length, contain a number, Capital letter and a symbol like $ £ € ! or similar to make them strong.
*This is indicated by the password being identified as green when you enter it on the reset password screen.

7. Click Change Password and then you will receive the Message as below

8. Login with your new password.

If you are still unable to reset your password manually or you are not seeing the reset email after following the above steps, please contact your admin who can reset your password from their end. This can be done if they go to Group Management > Edit Users > Send Reset Email.