How do I Implement Supplier (Vendor) Batch Payment Approval?

Setting up the Approval Process for Supplier (Vendor) Batch Payments.

Written By Gerry Mckeown ()

Updated at May 22nd, 2018

1.     Introduction:

This Article which involves the setting up of Payment Approvers should be read in conjunction with the Article entitled How do I Prepare a Suppliers (Vendors) Batch Payment Run?” You must have access to this important functionality in your Menu Profile and you must also be nominated as an Administrator.

2.     Switching on the Approval Process and Setting up Approvers:

In order to setup or add Payment Approvers, you must have the Batch Payment Approval setting “Enabled” in the Approvals Tab of Company Details and Settings;

Next, to add a new Payment Approver click “New Batch Payment Approver” under “Approver Setup” in the main menu;

This will bring up the following Window with a Drop Down containing a valid list of System Users who have been authorised to carry out Batch Payment runs in their “User Access Profile”.  Choose one or more followed by “Save”.

3.     The Batch Payment Approval Process:

If you are a nominated Batch Payment Approver (this example quotes you as being Mr. Fred Small) then you will, from time to time, receive emails from your Accounts Department like the one below;

To continue the process you (as Mr. Fred Small) should now log into the system using your own login details and then Go To > Purchases > Batch Payments whereupon you will be presented with the following screen;

Using the Batch No. from the Email above you can now click on this number to see the contents of the proposed payment run;

On this screen, in the upper half, you are presented with the list of Accounts due for Payment based on the “Payment to Date” and each Supplier’s (Vendors) Credit Terms parameters.  In the lower half you can view the Transactions in each Account by selecting from the “Sel.” Column and you can now go through each Account and revise the payments you wish to include in your payment run by entering the Amounts you want to pay against each Transaction in the Payment Column.  You can also “Save” your progress and return to this Batch later on (using the allocated Batch Reference No.) to carry out further selection work.  In the example above we have reduced the Payment Amount to 0.00 on this highlighted Invoice.

Should you decide to “Reject a Batch”;

You should now add a note stating the reasons for rejecting the batch run and a reply email is then forwarded to the originator of the first email;

When the Batch Run creator has made the changes you requested you will get a further email from him requesting, yet again, your approval of the Batch, which you now can do by clicking on “Approve Batch”;

This has the effect of Posting and Allocating the transactions in the various Supplier Accounts and after that the status of the Batch in the Batch Payments screen will now be reflected as “approved”.  You also have the option at this point in the process to send another email to the originator informing him of your decision to approve the Batch.

The status of the Payment Batch is not changed from “Not Processed” to “Processed”;

For more information on how a Batch of Payments is prepared refer to the Article “How do I Prepare a Suppliers (Vendors) Batch Payment Run?”

4.     Integration with Postmark Email Service:

The system handles a considerable volume of emails on a daily basis.  It’s extremely important that these emails arrive at their respective recipient’s In-box and not be classified as spam and end up in Junk mail or otherwise blocked by the Customer’s mail system.  

The system is now integrated with a 3rd party dedicated email routing system called Postmark.   All the emails produced by the system are routed through this service (which is “Whitelisted”) in order to ensure that they end up in the recipient’s in-box;