Bank Credit and Debit Journals

Posting Bank adjustment using Bank Credit and Debit Journals

Written By Niall Conlon (Draft Writer)

Updated at June 17th, 2022


A bank journal is a record of banking transactions, ordered by date. Bank Journals come in two types:

  • Bank Debit Journals: These increase the balance of a bank account.  
  • Bank Credit Journals: These decrease the balance of a bank account.

Bank Journals can be created from three places:

  • Bank Actions: Go to Bank > Bank List. Under Actions, select Debit Journal or Credit Journal.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Go to Bank > Bank List. Under Actions, select Create New Reconciliation. In the Bank Statement screen, go to Create Transactions, and select Bank Credit Journal or Bank Debit Journal.
  • Blue Bar: Go to Bank. Select Bank Credit Journal or Bank Debit Journal.


Posting Bank Credit, and Debit Journals

1. To create a Bank Credit or Bank Debit Journal, in the journal screen enter the following:

  • Bank: Select the bank account from the list.
  • Exch Rate: If you select a foreign currency bank account, the latest exchange rate will be displayed. Update as required.
  • Journal Date: Defaults to today's date. Update as required.
  • External Reference: Enter a journal reference.
  • GL Account Code: Select the GL Account Code from the list.
  • BI Code: If required, select a BI Code.
  • DescriptionEnter a description for the journal.
  • Amount: Enter the journal amount in supplier currency.

2. Click Process to post the journal. 

Clicking Close will close the screen without posting any transaction.