How Do I change Year Ends?

Written By Niall Conlon (Draft Writer)

Updated at August 17th, 2018

If you currently have a company or companies that require to change their year ends this is possible by contacting your local support team

In the system it is only possible to have 12 monthly periods running from any starting month you wish like January to December or May to April for example.

Please be aware of the following regarding the changing of year ends:

1. You are advised to print any reports you wish for your old year ends like Trial Balances, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports

2. Any current year ends that have been completed will be removed

3. Period ends and year ends will have to be completed again as the year end is now new

The system does not currently support financial years of longer than 12 monthly periods. If you have a requirements for  longer than this you can still change the financial year end but there will still only be 12 months for your financial year. So for example if you have a July to June financial year and wish to change to a December year end this can be done but the commencing financial period will be January and the financial periods will change from July - June to January to December

Please contact your local support team who can assist you with any queries you have on this matter