OData Connection Setup

Written By Rebecca Plumb (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2022


The AccountsIQ OData Connector can be used to extract datasets from one or more entities, allowing you to design and build your own reports in products such as Excel and Power BI.

Watch this video or follow the steps below to enable access within your company: 


1. Enable the OData end point per company

As a user with an admin role, go to Setup>Company Details and Settings>Integration, click on Enable in the Power BI, Excel OData and end point configuration section.

Clicking on Disable will cut off all access to the data completely, meaning no users will be able to access the data.

Please note that only users with a User Role of Admin will be able to enable or disable the integration, this can be checked at the group layer, by clicking Actions>Manage Users next to the company, select the user name from the list


2. Set up User Profiles

At the Group Layer, go to Actions>Maintain User Profiles>Menus on the company you want to connect to OData 

enable BI Tools>Power BI Access for any profiles that will need access

Click on the OData Tab, you will see a list of all available datasets, configure which datasets should be available for each user profile.


Once the OData Connection feature has been enabled for users, they can follow the instructions here to create and use OData Connections.