How do I Add Notes and Images to Documents?

Attach Notes and or Images to Master Records and Transactions.

Written By Gerry Mckeown ()

Updated at May 24th, 2018

1.    Introduction: 

In keeping with the concepts of a “Paperless Office” the system provides extensive facilities for the attachment of (multiple) Memos and Document Images to Customer and Supplier (Vendor) Master records, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, etc. which can subsequently be reviewed in order to assist the operation of your system and the processing of such transactions.

As well as Notes, you can attach one or more Document Images and other Objects (original Invoices, Hand written Expenses Claim Forms, Receipts, Time Sheets, Bank Statements, Photos, Letters, Emails, Voice Mails, etc.) not just to Transactions but to most Records in the System including Supplier (Vendor) and Customer Master Accounts, Bank Accounts, etc., in fact, anywhere you see the “Paper Clip” Symbol displayed.

You must first have scanned the Document with a relevant File Name and Extension into a known location on your Desktop PC.  Or, you should know the Identity and File Location of the Object that you want to attach (Email, Photo, Voice Mail, etc.).

2.    Adding Images using the Paperclip Symbol or “Attach Doc” Symbol:

Click on the Paper Clip Symbol displayed against any Transaction or Master Record you want to attach your Document to.

This will display the following Window

Next Click “Browse” to navigate to the location of the image or other object on your Desktop that you want to attach, followed by “Upload file”;

This causes the scanned Document or Object to be copied from your Desktop PC (it does not remove the original) and uploaded into the Cloud, where it can subsequently viewed or printed by you and all other participants in your group.

When the Document or Object has been uploaded you will see the following Screen which you can then “Close” or continue uploading further Objects;

When you next view the Transaction or Master Record to which you have attached your Document, it will display a modified version of the Paper Clip symbol, thus;

This denotes that Documents and other attached Objects already exist, and which can be viewed by Clicking on the highlighted symbol and then selecting and opening the document you wish to View (or Print, Email, etc.).

You can, of course, from time to time, upload further Documents and Objects by repeating the process described above and which will display a Window along the following lines when invoked. 

You will also notice that the appropriate “Review” symbols (modified Paper Clip which shows the number of "attachments") are displayed many times throughout the system against the relevant Transactions and Master records. 

Other Actions can be achieved by Selecting the Document (Click on any of the attached Documents) and then Right-Clicking the Mouse;

You can access the “Comments” section by highlighting the relevant Document, as follows;

This will also show you the details of when and who by it was uploaded in the first instance. Each attached Object will have its own “Details” and “Comments”.

3.    Adding Notes to Transactions:

You can add Notes to Quotes, Orders and Invoices from their respective listing screens.  Click on the highlighted symbol;


This will invoke the following Window;

Where you can now add further notes;

Which can subsequently be viewed by hovering over the now modified Notes symbol;

To review all the notes, or to add a further note, click on the modified notes Symbol;