Using the mobile Employee Expenses App

Download and set up the expense app, create and manage expense claims

Written By Saoirse O'Broin (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 21st, 2022

1. Introduction

The Mobile Expenses App is a handy productivity tool that's designed to allow employees to capture expenses (receipts) and submit claims for work expenses on their mobile device attaching receipts where needed.

A valid subscription is needed to use the expenses app, if you have received an invitation email, you are ready to use the app - just follow the steps below

  • Download the AccountsIQ app to your mobile device
  • Link the app to your employee account
  • Capture your expense(s)
  • Add your expense(s) to a claim
  • Submit your claim for approval
  • View your claim history

If you have not yet subscribed to the app and would like to find out more, contact


2. Download the app to your mobile device

Open your invitation email on the mobile device you would like to install the app on and click on the Get Started link. 

This will take you to your app store and prompt you to download the App. 

Follow the instructions to download the app.


3. Link the app to your employee account

Click on Get Started link from your invitation email on your mobile device

When you have installed the app, go back to the invitation email and click on the Get Started link one more time.

This time, this will link the app to your expense account meaning that you do not need to create a separate username and password for the app.

During installation, the app will request to send you notifications - if you allow this, the app will send you notifications when claims have been approved or rejected.

When you first start using the app, it will also request access to your camera (this will allow you to take photos of receipts from the app, and to access your photos (this will allow you to attach saved photos to your expenses.

When you have successfully linked the app to your expense account you will see the following screen and you are now ready to start recording expenses.


4. Creating expense claims

4.1    Capture Expenses (receipts)

You should add a new expense (or receipt), for each item you want to reclaim from your employer, for example, train fares, hotel stays or mileage claims.

From Expenses

Click on "+" 

Record the details of the expense:

Incurred Date - the date the expense was incurred on

Category - select from list of common expense types

Gross Value - enter the total expense amount

Description - enter a description of the expense

BI Code - enter a cost centre or project code for the expense

Add to Claim - this is an optional step allowing you to add the expense to an open claim

Add attachments (if required):

Take Photo - take a new photo and attach it to the expense

Phone Gallery - go to your phone gallery and select an existing photo to attach to the expense

Choose File - choose a file saved on your phone and attach it to the expense

You can also remove any previously saved attachments on this tab

Click on Save Expense to finish

4.2   Add Expenses to a claim

Your employer needs to review and approve your expenses before they can be paid. To submit expenses for approval, you need to create and submit a claim.

You can have more than one claim open at a time to help you manage your expenses, for example you might want to group expenses by month, client or job.

From Claims

Click on "+" to create a new claim, and enter the details for the claim:

Claim date - this will default to today's date. 

This is the date that your claim will be given when it is submitted to your organisation's Finance team for reimbursement. You should ensure that you provide the correct date for the expenses you are submitting. 

Reference - this will default to today's date and assign a unique reference

You can change this as required, but it must be unique, using a recognisable reference will help you keep track of your claim history.

Click on Save 

Click on "+" to add new or existing expenses to the claim

The claim total automatically updates each time an expense is added to show the total value of the claim.

Claims are automatically saved. You can view all expenses and claims saved on your device and come back to edit open claims later.

You can edit the claim reference and date if needed by clicking Edit

4.3   Submit your claim for approval

When you have added all the expenses you need to a claim, click on Submit Claim

This will send a notification to your nominated approver, that you have submitted a claim for approval. They will be able to see full details of the claim and expenses (including attachments).


5. Managing Claims

Your full claim history will be stored on the app.

The status of each claim is shown on the right-hand side

5.1  Open Claims

Claim has not yet been submitted for approval

All claim details can be edited, expenses and attachments can be added and removed

Your approver will not see any details until you submit the claim

5.2  Pending Approval

Claim has been submitted for approval. 

All claim details can be edited, expenses and attachments can be added and removed

Your approver will not see any updates until you re-submit claim

When you start editing a Pending Claim, the status will change to Open (Pending Approval), once re-submitted for approval it will change back to Pending Approval

5.3  Approved Claims

The claim has been approved and will be sent for payment

You will receive a notification when a claim has been approved

No further changes should be made, unless instructed by your approver or finance office

If you do make any changes to an approved claim, the status will change to Open(Approved). 

Your approver will not see any updates until you re-submit the claim. 

The status will change once you have re-submitted the claim for approval to Pending Approval or Approved (if the changes you make do not affect the value of the claim)

5.4  Rejected Claims

The claim has been rejected by your approver. There will be a note attached which should give you an explanation for the rejection and details of what needs to be changed.

You will receive a notification when a claim has been rejected

All details can be edited, expenses and attachments can be added and removed.

You will not be able to re-submit for approval until you have made changes to the claim

Your approver will not see any updates until you re-submit claim

The app will not show any payment history for claims or send any notifications of payment. If you have any questions on the payment status of a claim, please contact your approver or finance office.


6. FAQs and Troubleshooting

What settings do I need to allow on my phone?

When you first install the app, you will be prompted to allow: 

push notifications

access to the camera

access to your photos

If you want to change any of these settings at a later date, these can be updated in your phone settings.

How do I check which version of the app I have installed?

On iPhone with iOS > 13, click on Settings>General>iPhone Storage, find the app on the list and click on it to see the version

On Android Go to Settings>application settings>manage application, select the app and the version will be shown under the name of the app

Do I need to download updates?

We are constantly releasing new updates and bug fixes, so we strongly recommend that you enable automatic updates. This means that you will always have the latest version of the app installed.

To enable automatic updates,

On iPhone with iOS > 13, app automatic updates are enabled by default, but this is a setting you can turn off.
If you did not manually switch automatic updates off, you should have the latest version
To find out more about automatic updates please see:

On Android:

I haven't received an invitation email

If you have not received an invitation email, first check your junk / spam folders. If it is not there, ask your local admin user to resend the invite. If you still have not received your invitation, please ask your admin user to contact  for further help.

I can't access my work email from my phone

In order to link the app to your finance system you must be able to access the email account the invitation was sent to from the device that you want to connect to the app. 

Error syncing data (submitting a claim)

This error usually indicates a problem with an attachment to one of the expenses.

Check all of the attachments are still on your phone, 

Try splitting the expenses into different claims

If neither of those steps help, check the attachment types that you are including and send details to

Error syncing data (setting up an account)

If you have received more than one invitation email, make sure that you are clicking on the link contained in the latest invitation email.

Ask your system administrator to send a new invite, delete and re-install the app using the new email link.

How do I account for VAT on my claims

All claims should be submitted for the gross value (the total value spent, including VAT). Your finance office will then make any adjustments to reclaim VAT on your behalf.

How do I submit Foreign currency claims?

The app only supports single currency expense claims. If you need to submit a foreign currency claim, ask your approver or finance office for advice on how this should be dealt with.

How do I uninstall the app from my Android phone?

If you need to uninstall the app from an Android phone, you also need to remove the data files stored on the phone.

The attached video shows how to find and delete the files. 

I already use the app for approval, how do I set it up for expenses?

If you already have the app installed and use it for approvals, when your admin user sends you an expenses invitation, the expenses module will automatically be added to your app - all you need to do is re-start the app. You don't need to click on the link in the email, or re-install the app. 

When you have restarted the app you will see the following screen allowing you to access both expenses and approvals.