AccountsIQ Mobile Purchases Approval App

Getting Started with Mobile Purchases Approval App

Written By Gavin McGahey (Administrator)

Updated at October 29th, 2020

1.    What It Does

The AccountsIQ Mobile Purchases Approval App is a handy productivity tool that's designed to automate purchases approval workflow processes within your company (mobile expenses is covered in this article). The app is seamlessly integrated with the AccountsIQ Finance system and can deliver real efficiency gains to your business. 

2.    How to Use It

To use the app, your company must have a valid AccountsIQ subscription, use workflow approval and have requested the mobile app to be switched on in your entity.  Ask your local Support Team for more details. 

Your company's administrator of AccountsIQ (typically someone in your Finance Team), has the facility within AccountsIQ to invite approver employees to use the app by email. Employees in receipt of these invitation emails can then follow the instructions in the emails to download the app and access the app by means of a secure link. Access to the app is only conferred using this method. 

Depending on their access level, users can then either review purchase orders/invoices for approval and or record their expenses and submit claims.

3.    Installing & Accessing the App for the 1st time

As indicated, to access the app you must have a valid app invite.

There are separate versions of the app to support Android (Android OS) and Apple iPhone (iOS) devices (i.e. smart phones or tablets). 

The invite you receive will have an embedded link to install one or the other versions depending on what phone you are accessing the invite email from.

Once you've installed the app on your device, simply tap the 'Getting Started' button in the email you've received and that should log you directly into the app. 

If you try and open the app on your phone before clicking the 'Getting Started' button, you will receive a message indicating that you need to open the email first. 

The 'Getting Started' button provides a link that grants you direct access to the app, which is then stored on your device. This means that you do not need a separate username and password to access it. 

Depending on your level of access you may have two options when initially loading the app:

There are two main options to tap:

- Approval: Reviewing and approving/rejecting Purchase Orders and/or Purchase Invoices in line with your organisations approval workflow processes.

- Expenses: Managing your own (company reimbursable) expenses; recording expense receipts, creating and submitting expense claims and viewing your history of previous expense claims. This module is covered in a separate article here.

The following sections describe how to use the main features of the app. Note that the screenshots provided are from the Apple iOS version so may differ slightly if you are using an Android device.

4.    Approval Main Menu

The Approval module has the following main menu where you can view Purchase Orders, Invoices or Credit Notes that are now due for approval. The numbers in each of the tiles represent the number of unapproved Orders, Invoices & Credit Notes now awaiting your attention. 

In addition, via the 'History' button you can access a full list of these documents that have previously gone through workflow approval and view the associated attachments and notes.

5.    Reviewing and Approving Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes

When you tap into the Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes tiles, you will then be able to view a listing of the related documents now awaiting your review in order of date sequence.

The screen above shows a summary of the Purchase Order. This includes the date, the reference, the overall value and the GL coding of the Purchase Order along with any BI Code (Department/Project Codes) that it has been coded against. Click on 'Documents' at the bottom of the screen to view the underlying documents attached to the approval request, these could be a rendered copy of the Purchase Order generated by the system or other attachments that were uploaded by the person who creating the Order. 

Tap on the attachments to load and view them:

Tap notes at the bottom of the Purchase Order details to view any notes that have been recorded against it in the course of it's passage through approval workflow. These notes could contain remarks made by users when recording the purchase order or remarks made by those approving or rejecting the order. It will also show system generated notes made when the Order changes status during the approval workflow. 

6.    Approving or Rejecting Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes

After reviewing the Order/Invoice/Credit Note, simply tap the 'Approve' or 'Reject' buttons at the top depending on your approval decision:

If you decide to approve the document, you can also submit an additional note if you wish but this is not mandatory:

If you decide to reject the document, then you will be required to enter an accompanying note explaining the decision and what course of action should follow next:

If you are rejecting an employee expense claim for example, these notes will be visible on the employee's expense app.