Onboarding Tools

How to use the onboarding tools to import data and balances to a new company

Written By Rebecca Plumb (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 6th, 2021


The onboarding tools are a set of tools developed to allow you to build a new company and import data. The tools are being redesigned at the moment, articles will be updated as new versions of the tools are released.

Click on the links below to find detailed help on each of the onboarding tools:

**NEW** Chart of Accounts - to import GL Categories, GL-Sub-categories, GL Accounts, Tax Codes, System Accounts and System Defaults

**NEW** BI Codes - to import Dimensions, Elements, BI Codes (with or without tagging to elements) and GL Code to BI Code Mapping

**NEW** Bank Accounts - to set up GL accounts as Bank Accounts

**NEW** Customers - to import customers 

**NEW** Suppliers - to import suppliers

Trial Balance and Banks - to import an Opening Trial Balance, Monthly Movements and Foreign Currency Bank Balances

Opening Financial Position - to import Unreconciled Bank Transactions, Customer / Supplier Open Items and Opening Stock Position

Transactions Importer - to import transactions

Static Data - OLD. to import customers, suppliers and items

Please take the time to read each article before using the data importer as the tools may have changed since you last used them.

If you have never used any of the tools before, we recommend contacting the onboarding team to request training on the onboarding process to ensure you have the knowledge to use the tools effectively. Incorrect use of the older tools can lead to data loss and corruption.