How does the Support System Work?

Learn how to Contact Support and ask Questions or Log error Reports and Suggestions.

Written By Niall Conlon (Draft Writer)

Updated at August 7th, 2020

1.    Introduction:

The Support System is a means of communicating with your Group (Practice) Administrator and your System Provider from your Desktop or other Browser Device without leaving the system and wherein you can report any faults or raise a query.   It is used in conjunction with another external facility called “Zendesk” which Logs all the details of your current outstanding queries or fault reports, the responses from your System Provider and also the history of previously submitted “Incidents”.  You can also use the facilities of “Zendesk” directly to report faults or enter queries outside of the main System.  Your System Provider will grant access to the “Zendesk part of the system by providing you with an activation code and login details when you are first established as a user of this system.

When your Company was set up by your System Provider, they will have completed and set up a “Primary Support Email” address and a “Secondary Support Email” address for your Company.  The first of these addresses will be for the attention of your In-House or Group (Practice) attention.  The second one is for the attention of your System Provider and the “Zendesk system, - wherein it will automatically create an “Incident” regarding the issue raised by you in that system.

The first part of this Article details the workings of the Support System and the second part with the facilities of the “Zendesk” system.  Access to the Support System is from this Icon in the top right-hand corner of your Main Menu;


2.    Reporting a Fault, Ask a Question or Make a Suggestion:

When you Click on this Icon, the following Window will appear;  Select the Incident Type from the Drop Down List a short Description of the query and any supporting attachments;                    

You can add several attachments by clicking on the field highlighted in Red above, and when you are finished, Click on Send - which will be followed by a confirmation message saying the message was successfully sent. 

The Incident is now automatically logged with the Zendesk system and subsequently, you will receive an email confirmation from that system. The email address contained in the “Primary Email Support” (see 1. above) will also receive a copy of your email and attachments.

 3.    Accessing Zendesk

If you are a User who has “Administration” privileges, then you will be able to access and peruse all the reported incidents for your Company.  If you don’t, you will only be presented with your own Incidents in “Go To Assist”.   Contact your Group (Practice) Administrator or System Provider who will provide you with the specific URL details for your individual Company’s access to Go To Assist;      

Having logged in to your Zendesk account, you can go to the “My Requests” Tab to list all of your reported Incidents and their current status;   The Requests I'm CC'd on will show you Tickets you've been CC'd on and if you have permissions to see Organization wide requests in this tab you'll see all ticket raised by your colleaguesYou can also use this system to enter a new request rather than use the Support Area in your Accounts System, as follows;

 And when the Incident has been investigated by your System Provider, you will receive an email response somewhat like this;

 4.    The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base links to the system Help articles. Click on Knowledge Base 

or in the system the help icon

The Knowledge Catalog is constantly updated with new Queries and Answers from your Support Team.

You can search for the query you have in the Search field at the top

Clicking on the links on the left brings you directly to that section in the article