Notice Board

Sending internal messages to other system users.

Written By Niall Conlon (Draft Writer)

Updated at June 21st, 2018

1.    Introduction:

This facility is used to enable system users to send and receive messages. The messages can have attachments and you can send to multiple users at the same time. Any unread messages will be flagged with a Red Circle and a number for the number of unread messages you have.

2.    Accessing the Notice Board:

To access the Notice Board you need to click on the My Notices icon below the main menu (as below in red).

The numbers in Red you see are the number of System Unread notices for your attention. 

3.    Notice Board Screen:

When you first open up the system notices the below screen appears and you can see previous notices you have received. 

To open one of your notices click on the blue link under the sender field which opens the screen below.

You can then reply if you want to reply to the message or delete the message, clicking Back brings you back to the notice board main screen and clicking Close also brings you back to the main screen.

4.    Sending a new Notice:

To send a new notice from the main notice board screen click on Add Notice. The below screen then appears.

To is who you are sending the system notice to. To select a system user to send notice to, Click the Grey Box with 3 dots on it to be presented with a list of users. Check the box or boxes for the users you wish to send a system message to and click the Green Select button. 

These users will be populated in the To field.

Subject is a text brief summary of the system notice.

Message is the main body of the system notice and where you type the information.

Priority is the level of importance of the notice. Select your priority as Low, normal or high.

Attachment To attach a document to the notice Click the + image and then browse to search for your file. Click on it to attach.

To remove a file click the blue symbol

When you have finished your editing and want to send the message click on Process and the message below will appear.