Creating an OData Connection

Written By Russell Cooper (Administrator)

Updated at January 21st, 2022

Before being able to create OData connections, your Administrator will first need to enable the connection by following this guide. 

Generate User Credentials

Each User will need to create their own set of user credentials to be able to access the data.  To learn how to do this watch the following video:

Or complete the following steps: Logon to the system and click on Analysis>Data Connection Setup

A reporting tool will need three pieces of information before it can connect to your company in AccountsIQ: 

  1. The URL of the connection
  2. A username
  3. A password

The first two are available in the OData Connection Setup screen. The third needs to be generated. 

Each company has its own unique URL that includes the version of the OData Connector used (see here).

The username is the same as your group username but you will need to create a password that is unique to this OData connection.

To generate the OData password, click on Create New Password and provide a name for the connection. The name of the connection will help you keep track of your connections.

You will be asked to enter your current login password as a security check

You will then be presented with your password. You will not be able to use this password to logon to AccountsIQ.

You must copy the generated password before being able to close this window.  

Important: Once you close this window, you will no longer have access to this password so keep it in a safe place, such as a password manager.

Your credentials can now be used to access AIQ data from within a reporting tool. An example of this is documented in Using an OData Connection, here

Datasets and Versioning

To support the future development of our OData datasets, the OData Connector supports versioning. This enables us to deliver changes to the OData connector and datasets without breaking any existing reports created in your reporting tool.

Once a report has been built using a particular version of the OData Connector, it will continue to work even after the OData Connector has been upgraded. 

Each new query should connect to the most recent version of the OData Connector. 

You will rarely need to actively select an older verion of the OData Connector to use within a report. The only time you would need to select an older version of the OData Connector to use in a report is if you had developed a report using an older version of the OData Connector and, for some reason, that connection and query were not available within the report any more. To save having to re-develop the report using the most recent version of the OData Connector, you could simply use the version that was used in the report originally.

Click on "Need an older version?" to find out what changes are included in each version.

Power BI Sample Report Pack

We provide a link to a sample Power BI report pack on the Data Connection Setup page. This is provided as an example of how the OData Connector can be used within a Power BI report. 

It is provided without warrantee and is not a supported component of the AccountsIQ product.